the great british bake off

 The Great British Bake Off started again last week and like thousands of others I was glued to it ; carried along with the ups and downs, sympathising with Claire and urging on young Martha.

It is a thoroughly nice competition. The worst that can happen is a withering glance from Paul or a look of slight disappointment from Mary... and  besides, we know it will all end with hugs and kisses all round.
Inspired, I made my own batch of cakes this week -
mini coffee and walnut muffins.
The recipe is from our other doyenne of baking - Delia and is in her Summer Collection book.

Meanwhile, I am eagerly awaiting next week's programme. Will you be watching too?


  1. Another fan of GBBO here. And coffee and walnut is a match made in heaven!

  2. Totally agree with love those cupcakes coffee and walnut a match made in heaven.

  3. Absolutely the GBBO and it makes me want to bake more than ever. I'm already rooting for Martha.

  4. Oops.. Meant to say absolutely LoOVE the GBBO

  5. There was some impressive work on those swiss rolls, wasn't there? And even though I know I won't be as adventurous as some of the bakers, it does make you want to do a bit of baking. (Will now have to look again at the Summer Collection - it's in my pile for the charity shop!)

  6. OH, I will be making your muffins! I love GBBO and the new Extra Slice program on Friday night was so much fun. I will be glued to the telly until the winner is announced.


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