a week of firsts

This has been a very special week for mr digandweed and me.

At the beginning of the week we became grandparents for the very first time.
Our beautiful little granddaughter made her appearance last Sunday. 
Weighing 8lb 3oz, she is, in her mummy's own words, 'a perfect darling angel'
Mummy, baby ...and daddy are all doing well.

So began our week of firsts:

first glimpse of our tiny girlie
first cuddle
first gaze as she looked into our faces and tried to make sense of this bewildering world of which she is now a part
first dirty nappy -first of many!
first trip to the park with a new precious life tucked up in the pram.

So many firsts. So many more to come.

We are thrilled!!


  1. congratulations to you all! A very special week indeed:-)

  2. Congratulations, what wonderful news. CJ xx

  3. Very many congratulations to you all and welcome to the little one.

  4. Congratulations to all of you, so glad everything went well. There is nothing like the feeling of becoming a Grandparent and it just gets better and better. Once again congratulations.

  5. Congratulations and welcome Little One. You are going to have a wonderful time! : Dx

  6. Congratulations all round!

  7. Wonderful news. Congratulations to you all.


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