november weekend

Mr digandweed took part in the local parkrun on Saturday.
 Whilst I waited on the sidelines, half wishing I was taking part too, I passed the time by taking pictures of the autumn leaves on his iphone and playing about with the editing.

It was a damp, murky morning and mid afternoon there was a torrential downpour.

In contrast, yesterday was a beautiful autumnal day.
 One that starts with mists and chills which soon lift to give a crisp and sunny morning.

Mr digandweed and I made one of our regular trips to Cambridge for breakfast in our favourite cafe,  a walk past the beautiful colleges ... and a spot of shopping.

Cambridge is resplendent in the autumn.
In fact it is beautiful at any time of year.
These were views from Clare college bridge and along The Backs.

Back home, soup seemed like the perfect supper for a November evening.
And after a trip across the fens, soup made with fenland celery even more perfect!

I based it on this recipe but omitted the apple.

p.s. thank you for all the congratulations in response to my last post.
Tiny girlie is adorable and we are totally smitten!


  1. Lovely place to be , I have been to Cambridge once many years ago and really enjoyed the history and beauty. The soup looks delicious, must give it a try.

  2. Cambridge looks absolutely beautiful, I'd love to visit again one day. CJ xx

  3. Lovely, thanks for reminding me how beautiful it is where we live!

  4. It's a long time since I visited Cambridge but I do remember it being (in my humble opinion) much nicer than Oxford...
    Your soup looks lovely too. Far more appetising than the one I made last night which luckily tasted much better than it looked!

  5. So wonderful to see some blue sky!

    I also have a question looking at the soup - do you have a braised celery recipe?

    1. Hello Victoria. I have never tried braised celery, but think it would probably be very good cooked in the oven with a little stock maybe?

    2. Thats how I've think it should be too. Will have a look around the interwebs.

  6. I often have to remind myself how lucky I am to live so near Cambridge. Such a beautiful city.


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