a list

The days seem to be galloping by so fast I can hardly keep up.
Christmas is nearly here. But there is still a lot to do.

display in one of our local shop windows

In such circumstances, the only thing to do is write a list.
A list clears the mind; organises the brain. Not to mention the thrill of crossing things off!

On my list this weekend:

write cards 
order turkey
wrap presents
get decorations from garage
marzipan cake
make mince pies

I made the mincemeat earlier in the week - my usual recipe but with dried cranberries instead of mixed peel. I recommend a little chopping, mixing and stirring in a quiet kitchen, cup of tea to hand, as a good antidote to the hustle and bustle at this time of year.

And this afternoon, low winter sun streaming into the kitchen, radio on, I spent a quiet hour making the mince pies.
One more thing crossed off!

Meanwhile, as the Big Day approaches, Santa has been seen out and about.
CJ at Above the River glimpsed him riding past on a vintage motor cycle. 
Last week, he was seen along our road on an illuminated trailer.
And yesterday, I spotted him going down the escalator outside John Lewis.
Presumably, he'd been doing some last minute shopping.

Has anyone else had a Santa Sighting?


  1. Your post made me smile, a list is the perfect activity to focus the mind and feel good about what you HAVE done. I have had a couple of Santa sightings locally...

  2. Santa seems to have acquired a white van and is driving around these parts daily, minus beard but with a five o'clock shadow.
    I like the idea of dried cranberries (candied peel isn't my favourite thing).

  3. A white van? Maybe his sleigh is in for repairs! We're not keen on candied peel here either.

  4. Mmm, those mince pies look delicious. I made mincemeat yesterday, also with cranberries, no pies yet though. Thanks for the mention. The littlest boy saw Santa yesterday, and this evening he drove past on his sleigh, pulled by a car (reindeer resting and also not needed until he has to fly over rooftops apparently). He was going at about 30mph and didn't stop though. Maybe he'll stop by the house tomorrow, he usually does at this time of year. CJ xx

  5. Another list writer here. Made mince pies today, too, and, as long as I don't eat them, that's one tick. No sighting of Father Christmas, though. I'm not too worried as I've been ever so good.....ish.

  6. I am rather fond of making a list myself...your mince pies look gorgeous. We saw Santa in out town centre just this afternoon. : D

  7. I spotted a bevvy of Santas on Lambrettas the other day ... must be some of Santa's helpers.

    1. Lambrettas? Very retro! The reindeer must still be resting :)

  8. I was reading on the bus the other day and two children were counting..23, 24, 25... with increasingly incoherent volume and excitement. Then realised that it was Santas they were counting. I think there was cheaper entry for those in Santa outfits at "winterville" in the local park. I only managed to see one or two, but saw a young woman today in a very pretty red suede coat with fur lining - Ms Claus?

  9. What beautiful mince pies. I'm sure I saw Santa at Manchester Christmas market at the weekend ;)


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