A new baby in the family is a wonderful thing.
Tiny girlie is already 5 weeks old and a source of huge joy.

As new grandparents, she makes us feel at once younger and yet older. 
Younger, because she reminds us so vividly of when our two girls were babies, which sometimes seems but a moment ago and older, because I think of the life that lies ahead of her, the things she will see and do when I am long gone!

Today is the 1st December and Christmas will soon be here.
The Christmas cake has been made; some presents bought.
But there is still lots to do.

Still time,though, for a misty morning walk to enjoy the beautiful late autumn colours.

And time too, to make some mini sponge cakes, flavoured with the zest of that most Christmassy of fruit - clementines - and sandwiched with cinnamon pumpkin butter .

Happy Monday to you all and I hope your Christmas preparations are going well.


  1. A baby for Christmas! Such lovely news. Congratulations to you all. Your cakes look delicious (as always!). I felt very smug after making our Christmas cake before going on holiday then realised, as it isn't vegan, I'll need to make another just for me.

  2. There is nothing nicer than the gift of a new baby, enjoy every moment they grow up so quickly. Your cakes look truly delicious.

  3. cinnamon pumpkin butter sounds wonderful

  4. Christmas 'oh my' - I have put a calendar up, but am far from organised. I think I need a little seasonal help kick things off for me. Have a fab week too.

  5. This is going to be such an exciting Christmas for you and your growing family. : D Those little cakes look gorgeous, by the way!

  6. How wonderful to have a baby in the family. I was looking at pictures of my little people earlier when they were babies and sighing a little. I very much like the look of that sponge, orange is one of my favourite flavours. Still lots to do for Christmas here. I'm trying not to panic! CJ xx

  7. What a brilliant idea to use cinnamon pumpkin butter to fill mini-sponges - they look so pretty and would make a great alternative when mince pies are beginning to pall. Thanks for the link.

  8. Lovely words - and of course, lovely pictures too, as always.

  9. Ahhhh - you've just reminded me...I really must give my Christmas cake a feed. X


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