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Hasn't the weather been glorious lately ..or at least it has been in the Cambridgeshire fens. Apologies if it has been less favourable in your part of the world.
The mild, sunny days we've had mean there is more than a touch of spring in the air.
There has been much work down on the lottie:
 general tidying and weeding
an overhaul of the strawberry patch, with older plants being removed to make room for new plants
and clearing and digging of the area where the squash plants were last year.

mr digandweed has been excused from his digging and weeding duties over the past few days as he has hurt his back.
Being tall, this is a recurring problem for him, but thankfully a combination of gentle exercise and over the counter painkillers seems to be working.

There has also been a trip out to a local antiques centre where I may have bought some new (to me) china.
Plates, bowls, cups - these are becoming something of an obsession with me but how could I resist such a pretty Royal Doulton trio with its charming pattern of wild flowers which so epitomises spring?

And on another note, a really quick, easy and delicious recipe which I discovered from the writer of Deliciously Ella

Coconut thai curry with chickpeas.

A great midweek supper - the recipe can be found here.

Have a great weekend!


  1. The weather is really picking up here too, a sure sign spring is on the way. I have been out in the garden preparing the beds and working on the pots. I have even cut the grass. Love the new china trio, the pattern is delightful.

  2. That china looks beautiful, I'm envious! We had snow here yesterday so no mild spring weather yet. Glad you've been outside enjoying the allotment though!

  3. What lovely china, a great find. I've been at the allotment a bit recently too, it's nice to be clearing and thinking about spring. Today was really quite cold though. I do hope Mr Digandweed is all better soon, back pain is horrible. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. CJ xx

  4. Good idea to go for trios - it's a lovely idea to have individual pieces that please the eye.

  5. Hope Mr D&W is fighting fit. Love the new purchases. I find resistance is futile where plates are concerned. Thanks for the link to another vegan recipe. I think you just might be on the turn!

    1. Hee! Hee! p.s. mr digandweed fully repaired, thanks :)

  6. Beautiful trio! Really love the pattern.


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