root vegetable pie

So far, I've not had much success with growing carrots on the allotment, but ever hopeful, I'm going to try again this year. Like most things, there's nothing nicer than freshly dug carrots, although these bunched carrots from the supermarket come a close second.

I decided to use them in a recipe I have tried before from a wonderful blog called The First Mess.
Do take a look at Laura's blog.
 She has some delicious and beautifully photographed vegan recipes and though at Fenland Lottie, we are neither vegan nor vegetarian, her food is just the sort of thing I love to cook and eat.

The recipe is called Garden Keeper's Pie ( great name!) and can be found here.
It is a delicious mixture of root vegetables and lentils. 
The first time round I used squash, carrots and beetroot as Laura suggests and celeriac (celery root) for the creamy topping.

But this time, I had no beetroot or celeriac so substituted sweet potato in the lentil mix and cauliflower for the topping.

I pureed the lightly steamed cauliflower with a dollop of creme fraiche and grated cheese to taste as I wanted to try this idea which I had seen on Pinterest.
Of course, this means the recipe is no longer vegan, but I think the almond milk and olive oil which Laura suggests for her topping would be just as good.

I do recommend this as a yummy and healthy supper.

If you make it I am sure you will agree.


  1. This looks like the perfect lunch for me!

  2. Ooh, that looks absolutely delicious, I'll be making a note of this recipe. I'm persevering with carrots as well, I've never yet managed a decent crop. The seedlings come up, then instantly disappear. Maybe this year will be the year... CJ xx

    1. Ditto as regards the carrots. They come up, then next day seem to have gone!

  3. It looks delicious. I would love to eat more cauliflower, but it's so unappetising when boiled. I've found recipes for roasted cauliflower and I really like the sound of yours pureed with cheese.

  4. It certainly looks wonderful, I will be giving it a try when I have a it of time. We have been a little hit and miss with growing carrots.

  5. Your pie looks so good, I love the marriage of root veg and lentils. Thanks for the blog link.

  6. Thanks for the intro, it is indeed a lovely blog and I'm now following her through Bloglovin'...
    I'd never even thought of making a shepherd's pie-type meal minus the meat (silly me) but I'm definitely going to. And the little one would love it too - he needs more vegetables in his diet :)

  7. Gosh! Another yummy make. Our carrots always seem to grow in rude ways...if you know what I mean. Good luck with yours.


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