a celebration of spring

spring flowers on the windowsill

a very shaggy sheep and its baby

new leaves

more new leaves

a carpet of bluebells

bluebells and wild garlic

wild garlic

Bluebells and wild garlic love to grow together in damp and shady woodland.
Both are growing in profusion in woods near to here and this is a perfect time to forage for wild garlic.
I am an anxious forager; the prospect of an accidental poisoning always looming large in my mind!
But wild garlic is easy to identify. Even before you come across it, the lovely pungent smell announces its presence and as a double precaution the same garlicky smell is emitted when the leaves are bruised.
( In this way it is easily distinguished from lily of the valley which has similar leaves but which is toxic!)

A few days ago, mr digandweed and I made a trip out to collect some wild garlic. We made sure only to pick a few leaves and were careful not to uproot any plants.
Back home, after washing and chopping the leaves, I mixed them with some home-made mayonnaise.

It gives a lovely subtle garlic flavour, which I liked.
There are many other uses for wild garlic and I found a lot of useful information in a book called  The forager's kitchen : Fiona Bird .

I'd love to hear of any foraging experiences/tips you may have had.

I am also growing quite used to the beautiful warm weather we have had lately ...not sure it is going to last though!

Happy weekend everyone whatever the weather.


  1. Mmm, that looks delicious. I know what you mean about being cautious, I wish I could identify more, but I usually stick to the obvious things like blackberries and elderflowers. Have a good weekend. CJ xx

  2. I wish I could give you some tips but alas I am too scared to go foraging. Your have captured the true essence of spring some beautiful pictures.

  3. Ooh, I may have to get out foraging this very weekend! There's a hidden spot in the woods where I can admire the bluebells and pick wild garlic to my heart's content. I love the taste of wild garlic - so much more subtle than actual garlic.
    And I love your little posy in that jug. I might have to copy you!
    This post has made me realise we're almost at one of my favourite times of the year: May. Hedgerows and wild flowers and (hopefully) sunshine!
    S x

  4. What a magical time of year, when everything seems to burst back into life. I am not a great forager with the exception of a few berries and hedgerow apples which I like to use to make Hedgerow jams and jellies. I must look out for some wild garlic, too!

  5. Beautiful photos as always. I must try wild garlic, I know a wood where it grows, and now you have inspired me to give it a try!

    1. Thank you and do try the wild garlic - lovely flavour.


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