For me, Easter is a wonderful time of year.
Resurrection in every sense; new life, new hope, new beginnings.

It's traditionally the time of year when gardeners get busy sowing and although Easter is early this year, we have had some mild weather and I'm happy to say the lottie is looking spick and span.
So time to get sowing!
First will be beetroot and spinach. I am trying a variety of beetroot called rainbow and a variety of spinach called reddy which has contrasting red stems.

The garden too is starting to take on a fresh spring look with new growth visible everywhere.
The lovely spring flowers below were from the local florist, but the hellebores are from the garden.

There has also been some traditional Easter baking.
I spent a pleasant half hour making some crystallised primroses to decorate a simnel cake.

The primroses originally came from my mum's garden and have now merrily self-seeded themselves around our garden.

It is a while since I made a traditional large simnel cake, preferring to make mini simnel cakes.
But this year I decided to try Mary Berry's recipe.

I like simnel cake; Christmas cake but with a double hit of marzipan!

At fenland lottie, we will be enjoying a family Easter .
Tiny girlie will be joining us for her first Easter, but no chocolate Easter eggs for her ..yet.

Whatever your plans, I hope you all have a very Happy Easter.


  1. What an amazing cake, well done you. It sounds like you have a wonderful Easter lined up, I hope you have a lovely time. CJ xx

  2. I love Simnel cake (the only here who does so I haven't made one this year) and yours looks wonderful. Hope there's a chocolate egg there with your name on it! Happy Easter.

  3. Sorry, that should read 'the only person here'.

  4. Your simnel cake looks wonderful. It is years since I've baked one and I'm not sure why! Happy Easter.

  5. Happy Easter to you and yours! : Dx


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