Mr digandweed and I have just returned from a few days in Dorset, enjoying the beautiful countryside around Poole harbour.
We had fabulous ice-cream-on-the-beach - sun-cream-on-your-legs type weather.

There were visits to picturesque little villages and ancient ruins,

woodland walks

besides clear streams

and a visit to the lovely Brownsea island in Poole harbour.

Brownsea Island is nowadays managed by the National trust. With heathland, woods, lagoons and glimpses of the sea and shoreline at every step, I found it a truly magical place.
 Lord Baden-Powell started the Scout movement with the first camp on the island in 1907 .
And it is now one of the few places where red squirrels can be seen in southern England.

Usually very shy, this little squirrel was enticed by a ready supply of food outside the visitor centre.
Isn't he lovely!


  1. Red squirrels are such a treat to see - I've only ever spotted one and that was many years ago.
    Brownsea Island looks beautiful. I'm glad you had such good weather for your little break. Long may it continue!

    1. I was very excited to see him (or her). We did spot another one but it was too far away to get a good photo - I need a better zoom lens!

  2. I have only ever seen a red squirrel once - from the window of a Lake District hotel when I was there for a work thing. I was incredibly excited too and can understand entirely your enthusiasm. Long live Tufty!

  3. What a great moment to capture the beauty of a red squirrel on camera, a rare moment these days.

  4. Looks like a lovely little holiday.

  5. One of my favourite parts of the country. I remember visiting Corfe Castle as a child. The red squirrel is beautiful.


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