lately on the lottie - beginning of may

With spring fast advancing, there has been much activity on the allotment; seeds are being planted, weeding continues apace and in this (so far) dry spring, lots of watering has been done.
The water in the water butt is getting low, so the rain forecast this weekend will be very welcome -though I know it it is a bank holiday!
The plants are responding to the warmth and water and are bursting into growth.
Our little apple tree, Rosette, is covered in pretty blossom. 

The blossom on the plum tree, on the other hand, has been and gone and is replaced by fresh green leaves. There was less blossom this year. I'm hoping this does not mean less fruit after last year's bumper crop.

The beetroot, spinach and radish are showing through and this weekend I am hoping to sow lettuce and carrots.

The poles are ready for the climbing beans which at the moment are still on the window sill at home.
I am also trying a climbing courgette, shooting star, this year.
There is nothing better than eating fresh veggies, particularly if you have been able to grow them yourself.

And talking of eating vegetables, tiny girlie is 6 months now and has started on the big adventure known as 'solid food'.
Her mummy is offering her a combination of puree and finger food and tiny girlie has taken to the whole process with great enthusiasm.
She has already tried an impressive array of vegetables and has eagerly munched through broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, sweet potato, avocado and courgette.
Like her mama and nana, she seems to love her food- long may it continue!

Enjoying a piece of melon with her mummy.

Munching her way through a lunch of steamed carrot and broccoli.
It has to be said that mealtimes are VERY messy now, but great fun!


  1. The great joy in that last photo, made me smile.

    1. She is a huge source of joy to us. Glad you liked the photo :)

  2. You have been busy! I've been doing a bit of planting in the considerable gaps in the tiny plot here but discovered this morning that Boo has been equally busy digging up! Can't believe six months have passed since tiny girlie came into your lives. Blimey, tempus fugits alright. She's really getting stuck into her carrots and broccoli, isn't she? Gorgeous!

    1. Oh no! Naughty Boo! I don't have a Boo to undo my hard work though something does seem to have been eating the broad beans! And you are right about time flying. I can't really believe our tiny girlie is 6 months already either.

  3. Lovely to see all the beautiful young growing things... 'specially tiny girlie!

  4. What a lovely allotment!
    And how nice to see a little baby eating her fruit and vegetables with such gusto. Joe's three later this year and looks similar after eating yogurt... wipe-clean bibs (preferably with arms) are a great invention!
    Hope you got your longed-for rain.
    S x


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