August 1st -
 the height of summer; long, warm days and the traditional month for holidays. 
But there is also a hint in the air of the changing season.
In the garden, the soft pinks and blues of early summer have moved aside for the oranges and yellows of crocosmia, rudbeckia and achillea.

 On the lottie, plums and apples are beginning to ripen and in the hedgerows the signs of the first blackberries.
A week or two ago, we were picking the green gooseberries on our allotment.
Now it is time for the sweeter red variety.

There are lots of them and delicious they are too, but the thorns are vicious!
Whilst picking them maybe a dangerous activity, sitting in the garden 'top and tailing' is an altogether gentler summer activity.

At the moment, most of the bumper crop is tucked away in the freezer -

 but some have made a delicious sauce to serve with yoghurt, ice cream or in this case, a little, moulded  dessert of rice and cream from this Delia recipe .

Happy 1st August everyone ( and especially to Yorkshire folk, for whom this is a special day )

annjenny x


  1. The picture of the desert spoke to me, it looks amazing. Definitely one to try. I have just made strawberry and gooseberry jam.

    1. Strawberry and gooseberry jam sounds lovely :)


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