Fen-scapes and thoughts

The play last week was very good.
It was one of six short plays all written by local people ( one of whom is the daughter of long standing friends of ours) on the subject of global warming.
The plays formed part of a green festival held last weekend and were performed outdoors by touring theatre company Eastern Angles.
Under the banner of Future Floodlands, the plays imagined a land lost to the invading waters.

With much of present day Fenland being just at or even below sea level, an intricate network of rivers, drains and pumping stations prevents the land from being inundated.
Global warming and rising sea levels is therefore a very important issue for this area.

 Projects like The Great Fen, which I have mentioned before, aims to restore a large area to the original wetland and is vital, not only in providing habitats for wildlife, some of which is endangered, but also in unlocking areas for winter water storage.

Having lived in the Fens for most of my adult life, it is an area of which I am very fond.
These photos were taken over the last week or so within a mile or two of the little market town where we live.

The skyscapes are beautiful. (No hills or mountains to get in the way!)
The last two photos were taken along the Nene washes.
Mr digandweed and myself were out with binoculars looking for Cranes. 
A flock of these huge magnificent birds is sometimes seen in this area, but alas, on this occasion we were unlucky.

annjenny x


  1. Stunning skyscapes. Perhaps the cranes will oblige another time. That really would be worth seeing.

    1. Thank you Colleen. We think we saw some Cranes about 2 years ago early one morning in the same area. They were so far away and we didn't have binoculars with us so weren't sure. Ever since then I have been on a mission to see them again!

  2. Now that would really be a sight I would love to see the cranes. Beautiful skies.

  3. Fabulous photos of the Fenland skies. Wish I could capture them in paint as beautifully as you do with your camera!

    1. Thank you :) ... though your paintings are beautiful too!


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