Delia's cranberry and orange relish ...

Christmas baking and cooking in this house means one thing -Delia!
And Delia's cranberry sauce has been a fixture at our Christmas meal for as long as I can remember;
delicious, quick and easy, it is also so useful for tucking into post Christmas sandwiches or for adding a dollop to a vegetarian based meal in the days between Christmas and New Year.

Long time readers of this blog (and well done for sticking with me!) will know that I am an avid reader and collector of cookery books and have always loved cooking, inspired not least by my mum and her keen interest in food, nutrition and healthy eating back in the 1960s and 1970s when such things were considered slightly cranky.
Delving back in the blog archives, I found this post and this one detailing my obsession!

So imagine my delight when, the other day, I discovered that some of the original programmes from Delia's Complete Cookery Course were available on BBC iplayer.
I was immediately transported back to the late 1970s when as a young twenty something, with my first proper home of my own, I avidly watched every episode and devoured her every word!
The books which accompanied the series and which I bought with great excitement still sit on the bookshelf, though now they are joined by an array of new cookery books.

The programmes are fascinating and serve as a study in social history. I was struck by how 'brown' everything was  ... and how slightly austere the tone, though a recipe for roasted cauliflower with garlic and bacon seemed remarkably up-to-date.

Anyway, back to the moment and that cranberry sauce.
After spooning it into a jar and fiddling about with a label, I decided it would make quite a nice little present, though maybe that idea is for another year - this cranberry sauce is definitely for Christmas chez fenland lottie.

Hoping you are enjoying these days in the run up to Christmas and are finding some time to relax too.

Speak soon.



( In case you are wondering most of the cranberry sauce has been tucked into the freezer ready for the Big Day!)


  1. I have always been a long time Delia fan at this time of year but recently I have moved away from her instructions for cooking a turkey which spends far too long in the oven, preferring the quick Nigella method. However her cranberry and orange relish is unbeatable... as too are her pickled pink shallots!

    1. Pickled pink shallots - mmm! Must look those up.

  2. After my recent ghastly foray into the world of food photography (homework assignment) I am even more appreciative of your beautiful shots - absolutely gorgeous. Delia literally never fails does she, it sounds delicious. CJ xx

    1. Thank you CJ. Photographing my food has become a bit of a thing for me! I've learnt a huge amount from reading articles/ watching videos online about food photography. I don't know if the home work assignment was a one off but if your boy is interested, I found a book called "Plate to Pixel' : Helene Dujardin to be an excellent starting point.


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