the accidental melon

On closer examination, I realised that the courgette plant bought from the garden centre was in fact a melon! A  sweetheart, charentais type to be precise - the result of being in too much of a rush!
On discovering this, numerous questions quickly sprang to mind. Would a greenhouse be required? How to grow - along the ground or up canes and would I need an old bra to support the maturing fruits?
Some time spent researching on the internet gave the following answers:
no greenhouse necessary although a cloche of some sort might prove handy. The sweetheart melon has been bred specifically for colder climates apparently.
along the ground/ up canes- my choice
and no I probably wouldn't need an old bra.
Armed with this knowledge and brimming with optimism, I am viewing this as a fortuitous mistake and will give it a go. After all, mr digandweed and myself are very fond of melon.