ne'er cast a clout till may is out

I should have heeded the old country saying, for as it turns out I was too hasty in planting out the bean seedlings and four of them have succumbed to the very cold nights we've been having.
However, all is not lost, as one advantage of having an allotment next to a recycling centre is that from time to time we are able to pick up useful items for next to nothing and a while ago we got an old window which mr digandweed 'upcycled' into a cold frame. I had left some spare pots with bean seeds in them in the cold frame and had forgotten about them as nothing seemed to be happening, however, when I looked a few days ago they had germinated and produced lovely little plants so I now have some spare plants to replace the lost ones!


  1. Ours are doing well on our Kettle's yard window sill. Do you think we should plant them this weekend or wait till the end of May??

    1. Well, the nice lady on the local weather says there won't be anymore overnight frosts for the next 5 days, so hopefully we have seen the end of them.In which case,maybe you could plant them out this weekend. Your garden is also probably more sheltered than our allotment.


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