The rhubarb seems to have enjoyed the wet weather we have had recently and has produced a bumper crop. Lots of rhubarb therefore to make some delicious desserts. Firstly, crumble - can there be an easier or more delicious pud?! Secondly, rhubarb with orange, ginger and vanilla ricotta cream. Sweeten ricotta cheese with icing sugar to taste then flavour with vanilla paste, orange zest and a little juice and some finely chopped stem ginger. Serve with the cooked rhubarb.
Whilst the rhubarb has flourished, the gooseberries on the other hand have suffered from the damp and have a bad attack of mildew - really not sure what to do about it, except maybe hope for a better crop next time.


  1. Yummy- we will gladly take some of your excess crop. I def agree that crumble is the best!

    1. No prob! Next time you are over we will get some. I have also got spare courgette plants and parsley and maybe later on basil and butternut squash if you would like.


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