Five go to the folk festival

It was a bright and sunny day as the five intrepid friends set off on their adventure with much laughter and frivolity.  Before long, they had arrived at their destination - Cherry Hinton Hall Cambridge, venue for the Cambridge Folk Festival.

Soon, they had found a pleasant spot and sat down to enjoy food and drink and wonderful music. There was Danish band Habadekuk with their toe tapping rhythms; the beautiful voice of Scottish singer Karine Polwart and spine tingling harmonies of The Staves.

 They clapped and tapped to the astonishing Seth Lakeman.

Then this happened:

There was thunder, lightening, hail and rain ..... lots and lots of rain.
Before too long the area was a quagmire.

"We are certainly having the full British summer music festival experience, with all this mud" one of the friends remarked. The others all agreed and determined to carry on regardless.

There were more musical delights. Joan Armatrading thrilled them with her rich vocals and Lau and Kan entranced with their virtuoso instrumentals.
Until at last, tired and more than a little damp and muddy around the edges, the friends set off for home and their warm, cosy beds ;)


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