The sun is out ....

Oh ..... but not for long .......

This 'summer' we are all having to learn to be opportunists and make the most of any dry, sunny moments we get. Although the cambridgeshire fens is a watery landscape, criss-crossed by dykes and rivers, it is usually one of the driest areas of the country and so all the rain we have had since April has been rather a shock. You can see some stats here.
The pictures at the top of the post were taken in our garden which although small is south facing and so captures all the sun's precious warmth. This year I am growing tomatoes in a hanging basket on the pergola in our garden ; one tumbling tom yellow and one red. Despite the cold and wet weather, I am hoping for a good crop.

In other news, we received some more, slightly different advice about our poorly potato plants and so yesterday, during a dry spell, mr digandweed went down to the allotment and removed the foliage but left the tubers in the ground. We are still hoping to have some delicious potatoes!


  1. Have you heard the good weather news ... The golf stream is meant to be shifting and we're to get our summer from next week!! ( hopefully!) x

    1. Yes I heard that too! Let's hope they're right x


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