Autumn on the plot

A beautiful autumn morning today - blue skies and fluffy clouds. I wrapped up in winter woollies and jacket to go down to the allotment, but soon ditched the jacket as the sun rose higher and I did some serious digging. Weeds have an amazing ability, as we all know, to grow the minute our backs are turned, but plenty hit the compost heap this morning!
I also picked the last of the beans and took down the canes, keeping to one side some beans that had yellowed.
I have heard that you can keep the beans to plant next year, but my question is this - what do I do next with them and are they as reliable as a packet of shop bought seeds?
On other areas of the plot, the butternut squash are looking good. I counted about 15 from 3 plants. The 2 plants in the ground seem to have done better than the one in the raised bed.
I am hoping that a little more autumn sunshine and they will be ready to pick and store.
The yellow courgettes keep coming -
and the strawberries seem to have settled into their new beds-
Happy gardening everyone!


  1. Your butternut squashes look really good. Hope they store well.

    1. Thank you! I hope they keep well too. I am going to store them in the garage, as the potatoes and onions seem to be ok in there in hessian sacks.

  2. What a lovely allotment you have!


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