I am feeling so proud!

I have my very own compost just like Monty Don's on Gardener's World!
Of course, I can't take much of the credit. Most of the hard work is down to the creepy crawlies - those that you can see and those you can't who have turned all the garden rubbish into something lovely, like crumbled chocolate and almost good enough to eat!
I did have one squeamish moment as I dug deeper into the mound and found what looked like shredded paper - the remains of a mouse's nest with several tiny dead mice in it. Maybe their mother was a victim of the cat which lives on the allotments and which I have named Lottie, but nevertheless, a sad end for some tiny little brown and furry rodents!
Meanwhile, mr digandweed was busy digging and weeding and BUILDING! The compost is destined for two new raised beds which he has been making and which will be home to the strawberry plants for next year.


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