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 Looking back, this has been a good year for the lottie.
There was the very cold spring of course, but that was followed by a 'proper' summer, with lots of sunshine to ripen the crops.
In common with other people, we had a bumper soft fruit harvest with loads of luscious strawberries, blackcurrants and rhubarb.
The squash also loved the hot sunny weather and lay basking in the sun, turning a beautiful golden hue. They are now tucked away on a shelf in the garage.
Earlier in the year we enjoyed lovely buttery Charlotte potatoes ( I've been less impressed with the Anya potatoes and will probably give them a miss next year) and some bug free salad, not forgetting lots of ruby red beetroot.
All in all, plenty to be thankful for.



  1. What a bountiful and varied crop you have had.

  2. What a beautiful round up of your garden year.

  3. It has been a very good summer in the garden... wouldn't it be great if every vegetable-growing year was like this one!


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