mini bundt cakes

 I love browsing in kitchenware shops, but it is a dangerous occupation because I always chance upon something I didn't know I needed, but which I then can't live without, which is how I came to buy some mini bundt moulds from a well known kitchenware shop.


The name Bundt refers, not as I originally thought, to a particular recipe, but to the distinctive shape of the cake, which was popularised in America in the 50s and 60s after NordicWare began manufacturing the moulds.

After leafing through my cookery books and some 'googling' I decided on a recipe from Nigella Lawson's  How to be a Domestic Goddess book.

The recipe was straightforward, simply a case of mixing the wet ingredients together and then stirring into the dry ingredients.
I found that half quantities nicely filled my 4 moulds and I put the moulds into a deep muffin pan for extra stability whilst they cooked.
The result was a lovely moist cake, quite similar to Madeira cake.

Why is it that little, individual cakes are so enticing, so appealing ?

But I also have my eye on this amazing Christmas tree cake tin!
Although, given its limited seasonal use, I really don't think I can justify the rather large price tag...
but I'm working on an excuse!


  1. The likelihood of dangerous kitchenware browsing has just increased for me as a branch of this shop has recently opened in Bristol! Like you, I find it impossible to come away without a purchase. Btw, your cakes look lovely - purchase well justified, I'd say!

  2. These look very pretty and I can understand the lure of the pretty tins. There is something very soothing about a plain cake I feel. During the summer, we went to an Italian festival in Clerkenwell and there were slices of huge yoghurt cakes on sale. Perfect.

  3. You do know that now you have done this post I really NEED those little Bundt moulds. The cakes looks delicious.

  4. Your baby bundts are beautiful! I know they are delicious.

  5. Ooh, such lovely little bundts. Funnily enough, I picked up a medium sized bundt tin the other day but then put it back down as the cake tin cupboard here (I inherited my dad's collection) is overflowing.


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