parsley pesto

I have been picking parsley.
The parsley seeds I planted earlier in the year took a long time to get going, not surprising given the very cold spring, but now the herb has taken over half of one of the raised beds.
Just look at the amazing colour green.
Something so green has to be good for us ...and so it is, full of vitamins and antioxidants.
Not so long ago, parsley (often in its curly form) simply had a 'bit part' at mealtimes, but it deserves much more than that and as the main ingredient in a pesto, it can, at last, have a starring role.
 I used a recipe from Hugh's veg book, which used more or less equal quantities of pine nuts, parsley and parmesan with garlic, lemon juice and olive oil, but the good thing about pesto is that the nuts and/or herbs can be varied to suit and the other quantities tweaked to taste.
The parsley still retains its vibrant colour.
I made lots as I am going to freeze some, so we can enjoy the fresh, summery taste into late autumn.

Tonight, mr digandweed and I enjoyed the pesto stirred through pasta with roasted butternut squash.



  1. I love Pesto but no one else in ths house does, so like you I have frozen it. No waste and just enough for me.

  2. Delish! This dish looks beautiful too, love the combination of fresh green and orange squash.

  3. Our parsley was the same - very slow to start and then whoosh. And it definitely does look like it does you good. Must give the parsley pesto a try. Must also get to grips with defrosting my freezer before anymore stuff goes in it.

  4. Love the fresh green of your pesto - homemade always looks so much more appetising than the jars in the supermarket. I hadn't thought of freezing pesto, but it's a good idea.


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