classic puds

During the week we often have fruit and/or yoghurt for dessert, but Sunday is usually a 'proper pud' day chez fenland lottie.
 Just lately, it's been the traditional favourites that I have been making.

  When lovely daughters one and two were small, pineapple upside down pudding was a favourite.
This is a variation on that using pears and my favourite spice .... ginger.

( this is a recipe I have had for a long while, so apologies that the measurements are only in imperial)
Spread 1oz butter and 1oz brown sugar into the base of an 8in sandwich tin.
Drain the fruit from a tin of pears, reserving the juice and place into the tin.
With an electric whisk, mix -
 4oz butter, 2oz brown sugar, 2 eggs, 4oz self raising flour, 1level tsp baking powder, 2 tblsp of the reserved juice and 1 tsp ground ginger 
then stir in 2 pieces of finely chopped stem ginger ( from a jar of preserved ginger).
Carefully spread the mixture over the pears and bake at 170c for 25 to 30 minutes.

Serve warm with cream.

On another note, the beautiful warm weather we have been enjoying lately means that there has been much digging, weeding and tidying up down on the lottie in preparation for some serious planting in the next few weeks, but more of that another time.

 Happy weekend!



  1. Looks delicious. I used to love making pineapple upside cake when I was a child. I just came across your blog. I'm a fellow fenland allotment holder. I'm not sure where you are exactly, I'm in Ely. Looking forward to following you on your plot and in the kitchen.

    1. Hello! Thank you for visiting. Our allotment is in Whittlesey nr Peterborough. It is good to meet another fenland allotment holder! Ely is a lovely place with its river and beautiful cathedral and I look forward to reading all about your allotment.

  2. How delicious does that look and I absolutely love ginger.

  3. Pears and ginger - one of those marriages made in heaven, though I do believe pears have been known to flirt with chocolate too...

  4. Pear and ginger is a fabulous combination. I'll definitely be trying your recipe soon... sounds like the perfect pudding for after a day of digging and weeding!

  5. I love pears and up-side-down cake.. and it looks beautiful! I must try this.

  6. That pud looks so good. I used to love pineapple upside down sponge, complete with glace cherries and angelica leaves!


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