lately on the lottie - mid march

We have been blessed with some beautiful sunny, warm weather so far this month.
 In contrast, this time last year, we were struggling through one of the coldest springs on record.
 But over the last few days it has turned extremely windy and this afternoon I have been trying to plant garlic and onions in a howling gale!
The flat fens are notorious for strong winds, known locally as fen blows.
These can be particularly destructive for farmers in the area as precious top soil and seeds are blown away in great clouds,
 but down on the lottie it was simply a cause for annoyance as I chased seed packets across the plot and continually tried to wedge the shed door open to stop it flying off its hinges!
Apart from the garlic Arno and the onions Red Baron, I also sowed Calendula and Stocks to attract the bees.
And wandering around the plot looking closely, I saw lots of welcome buds:
firstly, on the new gooseberry bush Hinnonmaki red. I was particularly pleased to see signs of growth on this little bush planted last autumn as it was looking brown and lifeless and I feared the worst.
secondly, tiny flower buds on the wallflowers
and lots of buds on the little plum tree. Last year this tree had 3 small plums, but has put all of its energy into growing and is now a sturdy tree full of buds.


  1. I am terribly late even thinking about what seeds I want to put in, though pleased to say that after a chance visit to a general store in Maldon, Essex, I managed to stock up on a larger-than-expected range of potatoes. In those warm days, the bees were going mad here for the rocket flowers - I always leave them in until I need the space, and it's lovely to have something there for when the bees wake up.

  2. It's so lovely to see these little signs of renewal, isn't it? Pleased to hear your little plum tree is doing well too.

  3. All welcome signs of things to come!

  4. It's lovely to see the signs of life. We've had similar winds just down the road here in Northants. My hyacinths have been flattened!


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