early morning sun

...... and a new month.
 A beautiful sunny morning to herald March and signs of spring abound in our garden.
With the new month and spring-like weather, my mind is buzzing with plans for the lottie.
A few weeks ago we bought a big blue plastic barrel which mr digandweed is going to cut in half with the idea of growing our potatoes in it for this year. The thought being that this would be space saving and might also reduce the risk of scab which affected our crop last year. With this in mind, there are some Charlotte potatoes chitting on the window sill in the spare bedroom.
There are seed packets waiting too - so far -
climbing french beans, beetroot, salad onions and mixed lettuce.
Their contents full of promise for a harvest to come.
I have more ideas too- for another raised bed, or two and some sort of storage unit from old pallets.
Mr digandweed is having trouble keeping up with my racing imagination!
Meanwhile, tucked away safely in our garden is a lovely new dwarf fruit tree, a Christmas gift from big sister and her husband.
It is Rosette a new variety introduced in 2011. It was found in a Worcestershire garden as a natural 'sport' of Discovery and its flesh has a pretty rosette pattern .
 Its buds look full of promise and we are very excited at fenland lottie at the prospect of our very own apples.

As soon as the weather is more reliable it will be joining the little plum tree on the allotment.
And finally, a lovely new notebook in which to jot down plans, planting notes and seed varieties etc.
 I hope the sun is shining on you today whatever your plans.


  1. It is certainly shining here & a lovely sight to. Your plastic barrel sounds good, all of my potatoes are gown in tubs. The main crops are grown in dustbins.

  2. Yes, it's a glorious day here in the north east. Sounds like you're both going to be very busy in the coming weeks and months. Love the new notebook. Seems I can't stop buying them.

  3. Nothing like a bright day to get the gardening juices flowing.

  4. The first day of March has been beautiful... isn't it good to see the spring flowers bathed in sunlight! Love your photos!

  5. Wasn't it a lovely start to the month. It made me think I ought to start on planning my veg patch this year.

  6. Love your beautiful notebook, and exciting to hear about plans for the garden.


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