beetroot soup for an autumn day

The clocks change this weekend. We have an extra hour to stay snuggled up in bed - yay! But it also means of course darker, longer evenings.

No need to be gloomy though. Be like the Danes. They positively welcome and enjoy the long winter nights.
They even have a word for it - hygge. Pronounced 'hooga', there is no direct equivalent in English, though it is often roughly translated as 'cosiness'.
roaring log fires,
 thick woolly socks and jumpers
a warm blanket to snuggle under
mulled wine
sharing food with friends and family
candles .... and more candles.

It sounds good to me - and the Danes should know as they have the reputation of being one of the world's happiest nations.

I'm sure a big bowl of soup fits the idea of hygge. Clasped in hands it warms both physically and emotionally!
This lovely soup is made using beetroot from our allotment. This year I grew a variety called Rainbow .

They are a mixture of the usual deep red roots and stripey ones that look like a stick of rock.

The recipe, which I have made several times is from Steve at The Circus Gardener's Kitchen. Click on the link to his blog for the ingredients and method.
I can really recommend it. It makes a delicious,warming soup mildly spicy due to the horseradish. 

Steve's recipe uses fresh horseradish. I don't grow horseradish on the allotment and it is difficult to find horseradish root in the shops, so I substituted a tablespoonful of creamed horseradish from a jar.

Absolutely delicious! Do give it a go.

Happy weekend ...and hoping you are able to stay warm and cosy.

annjenny x


  1. Scrumptious, and I'm with you on the lovely cosiness of winter. I really ought to give this recipe a go, I had a real beetroot glut this year, cylindrical ones, which were excellent, and golden ones as well - I was less keen on them. I hope you have a good weekend. CJ xx

  2. I absolutely love beetroot soup! Delicious and so healthy!

  3. I have never tried beetroot soup but I am a great fan of beetroot so really must give it a try.

  4. Have you read The Year of Living Danishly? A light, easy and entertaining read. Plenty of huge I that.
    Three cheers for beetroot soup.

    1. No I haven't. I will look out for it :)

  5. Have to admit to being a big fan of autumn and winter so huzzah for hygge! (And thanks for providing the correct pronunciation.) Also a big fan of beetroot soup (I've been using a simple Rose Elliot recipe since the 70s) but must have a go with the addition of horseradish.

  6. I grew up on beetroot soup! I absolutely love it. In fact I'll buy some beetroot this weekend, you've inspired me. Poles eat a lot of keep the cold out food - potatoes, soured cream, cabbage, sausage and so on. Very similar to Nordic countries in fact.
    And yes, hygge is one of the best concepts there is. I intend to celebrate it to the full in our new home!


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