It is looking very autumnal down on our allotment.
Green is turning to yellow and brown; on misty mornings the grass and plants drip with damp and dew.

A few days ago, I picked all of the butternut squash and brought them home, laying them out on a table in our south facing garden so that on sunny days they will benefit from any available sun and hopefully ripen some more.
This year we had four squash plants, grown from seed ( a variety called Hawk ) earlier in the year.
I started them off in pots at home and after all danger of frost had passed, planted them out on the allotment.
Soon they were romping away, but this year I was a little more ruthless and after a number of fruit had set I pinched off subsequent flowers.

As a result we have harvested about 15 squash. They are quite small this year but as there are only the two of us now this is not really a problem.
I made sure I left a long section of stalk when picking as apparently this helps prevent rot when storing them.

Squash are one of our favourite vegetables as they are so versatile.
For supper the other day, I chopped one of them into wedges and roasted in a hot oven with olive oil, salt and pepper until golden then served on top of creamy oven baked mushroom risotto using  this Delia recipe.

I had forgotten how simple oven baked risottos are compared to the more traditional stove top method which requires a lot of stirring.
 Definitely something to try again.

Happy weekend everyone.

annjenny x


  1. I have never tried an oven baked risotto, I really must give it a try, yours looks amazing.

  2. Mmm, it looks delicious. Well done on those amazing butternut squashes. Mine failed rather this year. I have one, the size of a big pear! I shall try again next year though. I have a feeling they didn't much like the cold spring, I probably put them out too soon. CJ xx

    1. They seem to need a lot of sun ... and room to sprawl! I gave a plant to daughter and son in law which only produced one squash which then completely disappeared overnight! They are blaming foxes!

  3. I've never had any luck with butternut squash. I like the sound of that supper!

  4. Your squash look lovely. I actually prefer smaller ones (nearly took my fingers off trying to cut through a large one the other day!) and quite often make a risotto with them (adding lemon and fried sage). Must try a baked version.

    1. Yes they can be lethal! Sounds good with lemon and sage :)


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