Until recently, I thought that it was difficult to grow raspberries successfully. Perhaps I was under the misapprehension that the high price supermarkets charge for a few berries was an indication of the difficulty involved in their cultivation.
But, it turns out they are really easy to grow. Just plant a few canes and leave them to it. In fact, dare I say it, the raspberry can be a bit thuggish!
The Autumn Bliss raspberries on our allotment are in their second year and stray runners are already popping up in unexpected places. A thwack with a sharp spade is needed to stop them in their tracks.

We have had lots of delicious berries over the last few weeks. The advantage to the autumn fruiting varieties, is that they ripen at a time when most of the other soft fruit - gooseberries, blackcurrants, strawberries - have all finished.

On a whim, I decided to make a batter pudding or clafoutis with some of the berries.
I had never made a clafoutis before, but the idea of a softly set custardy pudding dotted with ruby red berries seemed very appealing as an early autumn treat.
Normally, clafoutis is made with cherries and is a speciality of the Limousin area of France.
Before making my clafoutis, I'm not sure that I had ever eaten one before, despite the fact that many moons ago I lived for a year in a small town in Limousin.
As part of my French degree I spent 12 months as an English assistant in a French lycee in the pretty little town of St Yrieix la Perche
I don't remember clafoutis but I do remember being offered cups of tea made by boiling water, teabags and milk in a saucepan! Kettles and teapots are not widely used in France and coffee was always their preferred hot drink, but according to this article that could all be changing!

There are lots of variations on a batter pudding. In particular the amount of flour to eggs seems to vary greatly. In the end, I went with this recipe from Nigel which produced quite a thick, but nevertheless delicious pud.

Happy weekend everyone from this little corner of the fens.

annjenny x


  1. Mmm looks delicious! Raspberries are definitely my favourite berry!

  2. I'm really envious of your homegrown raspberries, my favourite (up there with blackcurrants) soft fruit. Your clafoutis looks lovely. I haven't eaten one or made one myself and am unlikely to now given the dietary restrictions but I can enjoy looking at pictures of yours!

  3. I've always imagined them difficult to grow too. Perhaps I should try next year as I love them but alway resent the high price.


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