I love firework night. It heralds the beginning of the winter festivities with Christmas close on its heels.
There is something very cosy about wrapping up in woollies to watch the sky light up with a myriad of multi coloured stars whilst clutching a warming cup of soup or a jacket potato in your hands.
In our house it is something of a tradition to make mushroom soup, jacket potatoes and gingerbread.


This is the recipe I use from the New Covent Garden Book of Soups.
My gingerbread recipe is a favourite that I have been making for years from a book called The Cranks Recipe Book.
Cranks was a chain of vegetarian restaurants. The first one opened in Carnaby Street, London in 1961 and I remember going there, as a child, with my parents. At the time vegetarian food was seen as, well- cranky!- but my mother,in particular, was well ahead of her time in being interested in wholefoods and healthy eating. Now only one restaurant remains near Totnes, Devon, but there are still cookery books available .The Cranks Bible has lots of really interesting vegetarian recipes.)
 The gingerbread recipe is very simple and produces a moist, sticky cake.
Happy Bonfire Night!


  1. That sounds like the perfect bonfire night feast. I used to love going to the Crank's restaurants when they were in London and I have that cookbook somewhere. Will have to dig it out!

    1. Thank you for your comment Gina. Interesting to find someone else who went to Crank's.

  2. Mrs Lottie, you do know how to put on a lovely spread! Mushroom soup mmmmmmm.....


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