The last of the shallots

With just a few of our shallots left and needing to be used ..
(I think the very wet summer meant the shallots did not dry out thoroughly and so have not stored particularly well) .. I decided to pickle them using a very simple recipe from Delia's Happy Christmas. 

Click here for the recipe.
I halved the recipe to make a half litre jar.
They have to be stored for a month before eating, so should be ready in time for Christmas!


  1. I made four jars of those a few weeks ago! I make them every year.

    1. This is the first time I've tried them. I hope they will be ok as I made them a couple of days ago and they seem to be turning a bit brown.

  2. They look nice. I look forward to eating them at Christmas as will Mr lovesclassicars! x


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