two more veggie suppers

using our parsnips and butternut squash from the allotment.

This is one of my favourite standby recipes adapted from this Delia recipe. It is warming and comforting, just right for colder nights. I use a combination of any veg I have to hand; this was made with carrots,leeks,parsnips and squash. I have found that a few minutes under a hot grill to melt the cheese and give a brown, bubbling top are all that is needed, rather than the 20 minutes in the oven that Delia recommends.
( dare to contradict Delia!)

The second recipe is roasted butternut penne with pistachio pesto from a wonderful blog I have been reading called Sprouted Kitchen. It was truly delicious and the addition of smoked paprika and nutmeg to the squash gave a beautiful colour and extra spiciness.

Meanwhile, two more attempts in my quest to cook Jamie's 15 minute meals in the allotted time; the first was Golden Chicken with braised greens and potato gratin and the second Sausage Fusilli with creamy garden salad. Both recipes made very tasty suppers. I especially love his vegetable and salad combinations, although the dressing for the garden salad had too much mustard for us.
 But did I complete them in the 15 minutes?
Well, no! The first recipe took about 35 minutes and as for the second one - I was nearly in on time but lost a good 5 minutes trying to open the jar of peppers!
No pictures this time. I was too exhausted after flying round the kitchen to take snaps, but both mr digandweed and singing-girl (who was home for the week) pronounced them to be delicious!


  1. They sound so good.. I could have done with one of those suppers tonight but ended up making an omelette

    1. Thank you Gina. I've been pleased with our butternut squash harvest and the meals I've made with them.

  2. They both look delicious! The first one in particular looks like such a comforting meal, will have to give that a go myself!


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