jumping on the bandwagon.

Well, I have succumbed. I have jumped on the bandwagon and bought a Nutribullet.
Younger lovely daughter has had one for several months now. Older lovely daughter had one for Christmas and both have been extolling their virtues ever since.
In case you are wondering, a Nutribullet is a very high powered blender which can turn vegetables and fruit ( even hard, raw ones like beetroot and apple) and nuts into a smooth puree in moments.
It has to be said that they are not cheap, but when I saw one on offer the other week, I took the plunge and bought one.
I am glad I did.

Now, a super nutritious smoothie is only ever moments away.
In particular, I've found it's a good way of enjoying extra vegetables, especially on busy days when time is short.
Raw kale, spinach, avocado all make a good base to which I add whatever fruit and vegetables I may have in the fridge or fruit bowl.
Surprisingly, these ad hoc concoctions have all been quite tasty, though some, it has to be said, are rather dubious in colour- pond green?!

But if you want to be a bit more organised, then there are plenty of recipes and ideas to be found on the internet.
I have recently discovered Kellie's food to glow blog and love her vibrant recipes.
This breakfast smoothie is an adaptation of her green and black forest smoothie.
I followed her recipe, using frozen mixed berries, but added about half a cup of oats to the mixture as I wanted something spoonable rather than drinkable.

An extra spoonful of yoghurt and a sprinkle of granola on top finished it off.
The raw cacoa powder meant it tasted quite decadent. 
A delicious alternative breakfast and one which could very well become a favourite especially during the summer months.

With the lengthening days, spring (and therefore summer) is on its way.
A lovely thought!

annjenny x


  1. A lovely thought indeed, although to be fair we haven't had much of a winter.

  2. A great investment. I always remember someone (Tony Robbins?) saying if you have a car but not a juicer you should sell the car and buy the juicer. They really are worth their weight in gold when it comes to nutrition. I'm very envious! And cacao powder sounds like an excellent addition. Wishing you a good weekend. CJ xx

  3. I love the way you have made a breakfast smoothie with my recipe! Thanks for the mention and link-love. All best, Kellie


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