pancakes ... with home made nutella

Pancakes, chocolate and banana, is a favourite combination with many people and rightly so.
This home made chocolate and hazelnut spread made a delicious change from the usual lemon and sugar combo.

The recipe is another from the Deliciously Ella website and can be found here. 
I found that the texture was slightly grainy ( maybe I didn't blitz the mixture enough) but the flavour gave the right nutty/chocolate hit.

I loosened the chocolate spread with a little hot water to give the right consistency for drizzling.

Have a flipping good pancake day!

annjenny x


  1. Now here's a thing. What if we have a weakness for Nutella and make these on Shrove Tuesday, and then find it impossible to give up chocolatey things for Lent? Should I avert my eyes this instant?

    1. Tee hee! Maybe - especially as there was some 'nutella' left and it doesn't keep for very long.

  2. Thanks for the link to the chocolate spread recipe. Spotted it too late for this year's pancakes so made do with a squirt of agave nectar and a squeeze of lemon juice. The others here had normal Nutella but only after moaning about my apparently overly enthusiastic tossing.

  3. Now that really does sound good!


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