lately ....sun and snow

We had snow.
Well okay, not lots of snow. Not snowploughs and shovels type snow, but a fine dusting, like icing sugar from a sifter type snow.
It's been a confusing winter for Nature. A November, December and January so mild that the daffodils and blossom are out and now, this past week, our first real frosts and snow.
On an early morning walk, there was blossom on the trees and thick frost on the ground.

Mr digandweed had a few days off and so we spent some time with our lovely family.

 After taking her first steps at Christmas, Tiny Girlie was measured for her first pair of shoes a couple of weeks ago and now there's no stopping her.

 Meanwhile, on the garden and lottie, it's an inbetween time of year. The days are lengthening and Spring is waiting in the wings, but it's still too cold and wet to do much save take a quick trip to the allotment to check things over.

But there has been the usual cooking and baking.
A perennial favourite - All Bran loaf. One of those off the back of the packet recipes which everyone seems to know.
You can read more about it here.

And more sourdough; refreshing the starter and baking a loaf is now part of my weekly routine.

Plus this quick and easy supper dish from seasons and suppers
Seasons and suppers is written by Jennifer who lives in Ontario Canada.
Her blog is full of delicious looking recipes and equally delicious looking photos.
Do take a look.
This recipe is called Ricotta and Spinach Gnudi. Gnudi are a bit like gnocchi but made with ricotta instead of potato. As you may guess, it is Italian in origin. Gnudi means naked and this is basically a ricotta and spinach filling minus the pasta. 
Much more delicious than it sounds.

Wishing a happy weekend to everyone. :)

annjenny x


  1. Your cake, bread and supper all looks absolutely delicious! Off to check Jennifer's blog!

  2. My friend used to make that all- bran loaf and it is delicious. Have you ever tried reducing the amount of sugar? I've been wondering recently how much less sugar I can use in cakes without spooling their essential delicious campiness!

  3. Campiness? Should say cakiness but spellcheck obviously didn't approve. Or maybe it was the ghost of Kenneth Wiliams.

    1. Ha ha! I haven't tried reducing the amount of sugar, but the All Bran probably contains sugar and with the dried fruit as well I am sure the amount of sugar could be reduced. Or maybe try maple syrup which does contain useful nutrients. Interesting thought - may have to try it!

  4. Fab pictures (as always). Oh yes, I remember the All Bran bake and am now going to have to make it for old time's sake. Lovely to see your littlest girlie and hope you got your turn with her on the slide!

    1. Thank you. No turn on the slide this time - maybe next time!

  5. I'll take the all bran loaf and the bread please Ann Jenny! Lovely post, as always and I can almost feel the frost on my toes and the butter on that fruit loaf! Karen


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