beautiful weather, beautiful city

Cambridge is a lovely city, made all the more beautiful yesterday in the autumn sunshine.
King's College
punts on the river cam
tiny church behind Kettle's Yard

As well as enjoying the cafes and shops we were there to visit two exhibitions. The first was Winifred Nicholson at Kettles Yard and then the snow country: woodcuts of the Japanese Winter at the Fitzwilliam Museum.
The latter exhibition was the one that really caught my imagination, particularly the prints of  Hiroshige. They seemed very peaceful. Almost monochrome except for touches of blue, very detailed yet somehow uncluttered. This was one of  my favourites.
A stroll around the market followed with its enticing stalls :
Aubergines and .....

....these amazing squash!

And no trip to Cambridge would be complete without a delicious Chelsea bun from Fitzbillies!


  1. You certainly picked a beautiful day. My son would have been there pushing punts on the Cam yesterday.

    1. We sat by the river to eat our Chelsea buns - maybe he went by!

  2. Well! that's my kind of day :-)

    The other day I also bought FCBs and saw the Japanese Winter exhibition - I didn't have much time and must go back again - Japanese prints need time to see all the beauty in the details. I loved the Kabuki actors snowball fight! and of course the Yoshitoshi prints are a printmaking master-class.
    Hpw lucky we are to live near Cambridge :-)



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