These are the first of our parsnips. They are like the gnarled old men of the vegetable world; some have whiskery bits growing off the sides and others have multiple thin roots at the bottom, looking like scruffy long beards! They certainly wouldn't win any beauty contests and don't look like the smart parsnips you find in Waitrose!
After a wash and brush up they were slightly more presentable ....

.....and made a delicious mash, mixed with a small amount of butter, some yoghurt and lots of black pepper and nutmeg. 
This was mr digandweed's favourite way of eating it, with mushrooms baked with butter and garlic, the juices oozing into the mash.
I was worried that I may have left the parsnips in the ground too long as they are very big, but my book assures me that they can be left all winter and even improve after a frost. Hopefully some will still be left for Christmas dinner!


  1. They look wonderful... and your supper certainly makes my Jacket potato with cheese and beans seem very ordinary.

    1. Thank you! Jacket potato with cheese and beans is also lovely and a favourite with us too.

  2. The mushrooms look absolutely delicious! You made me feel really hungry...


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