butternut squash harvest

This is an upside down post, with the finished result - a bowl of warming soup first.
The soup was from a recipe sent to me by my sister from a Sainsbury's magazine. It was just right for a blustery October evening, with warm overtones of cinnamon from the garam masala which was one of the ingredients.
Below is a picture of our butternut squash harvest, all of which are now safely stored in the garage.
Eighteen altogether of varying sizes!
I think I should have been more ruthless in removing some of the small squashes in order to produce more uniform larger ones, but it seemed such a shame at the time!
Most of the squashes have lovely smooth skin

... but 3 have splits in the skin, although still edible.

The squash ready for cooking -  

The variety was  Hurricane and were very easy to grow from seed. Although they have a tendency to roam at will across the plot, if you have the space, their delicious fruits more than compensate for this personality defect; they make velvety soups, soft golden mash and nutty,chewy morsels when roasted. Definitely worth another go next year. 



  1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your lovely comment. I see we are both keen on growing our own and cooking with the results. I will definitely add you to my Google reader as I'm sure I will love to read about what you are cooking... and hopefully glean some recipes too!

  2. Thank you. We've had our allotment for about 18 months, so still a lot to learn!

  3. I'm pleased to see the Sainsbury's recipe has come in useful. Your squashes look great. I'm quite envious - beginning to wish our veg plot was bigger!

    I've also been visiting Gina's blog regularly since I saw the link from your blog and love her textile art too.

    1. Yep, was a good recipe. I haven't tried the other recipes yet. Will let you know when I do.


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