Beta vulgaris .....

....or in other words ....
you guessed it   ---  beetroot!!
As you may have realised mr digandweed and myself  have lots of it this year!  Here it is in another guise!


This was a recipe that I tore from a Waitrose magazine last Christmas. The Cold Weather Slaw  was delicious with the remains of the turkey and other cold meats on Boxing day and since then has become a firm favourite with its refreshing slightly sweet and sour flavour.
This time, we enjoyed it with smoked mackerel pate.
This year mr digandweed and myself grew a variety called Kestrel, last year it was Boltardy, both proved very reliable. I may venture further next year and try some of the striped varieties!


  1. looks yummy, and I remember it last christmas - it was very tasty! xx

    1. Thank you. Still got lots of beetroot, we can make some more next time you are home! x


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