mr digandweed's birthday

Today is mr digandweed's birthday but he has to work and so he decided to celebrate yesterday with  a lovely meal and some special presents.
Dancing-girl and her husband bought him a beautiful clematis  ( a new variety called Spring Velvet) in a handmade bag. The bag, especially made by dancing-girl for use on the allotment, has his name printed on it!

 And singing-girl made a cake incorporating all the things mr digandweed loves best:
black cherries
and cherry brandy!
Meanwhile, mister fudge is making excellent progress on his grand adventure and after nearly 3 weeks is on the last stage, cruising along the River Nene.
He expects to arrive chez fenland lottie next weekend. We are preparing the bunting and welcome party!


  1. Belated birthday greetings, Mr D. Love that cake!

  2. Happy Birthday to Mr. D! The gifts and cake look grand, full of talent and love. If there is any leftover cake I wouldn't say no. ; )

  3. Yes lots of love and thought went into the gifts for their dad. Cake nearly all gone!

  4. Mr digandweed's birthday cake looks absolutely scrumptious. Lucky mr d. Are dancing girl and her husband dropping a hint that they would like the specially made bag to be filled with fenland lottie spuds later in the year?

    1. Ha! Ha! Maybe - I hadn't thought of that!

  5. That cake has made me feel very hungry...


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