yesterday .. April 12th

31 years ago April 12th was a Monday - Easter Monday to be precise.
It was bright and sunny, a slightly cold wind, but nevertheless a lovely spring day. For mr digandweed and myself it was a very special day, for it was the day we were wed !
Fast forward to April 12th 2013  and we spent the day in a very different way.
Yesterday's event involved

 various tools - including this really useful bradawl which was my dad's.

pieces of wood.

assorted screws

and lots of drilling

Several hours later and here is the result -

our anniversary present to each other.

Ok, so you will notice that we ran out of time and our lovely new arbour has no roof!
That is a job for tomorrow, along with painting it and generally making it cosy with cushions etc.

Then it will be lovely place to sit and read, have a cup of tea or just take in the beauty of the plants in our garden.

There will be more photos!


  1. Congratulations! What a lovely way to celebrate your anniversary. : )

  2. Belated happy anniversary wishes! Look forward to sipping tea in its shade when we next visit.

  3. Happy (productive) anniversary.


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