To be precise Charlotte, our favourite, and one of the first things mr digandweed and I planted when we got our allotment 2 years ago.

The tubers have been chitting on the windowsill for what seems like ages waiting for the weather to warm up, but finally it seems like spring is really here. (loud whoops of delight!)

We loaded the potatoes into my trusty old basket, which I have found really useful for transporting delicate items to and from the allotment.

Mr digandweed is in charge of planting the potatoes!

We are now looking forward to a harvest when summer arrives and although it is a cliche, the taste of your own potatoes freshly dug from the ground is heavenly!

P.S. You may remember mister fudge who bought me the muffin recipe book for Christmas.

 He has set out on an adventure, leaving his home in the West Country, to visit us in the flat fenlands, but instead of the usual 3 or 4 hours which it usually takes, his journey this time will last 3 or 4 weeks!

Read about his odyssey here.


  1. What a treat to have your own potatoes! When I lived in the States it was almost a holiday when you had your first batch of new potatoes and garden peas cooked together with cream. Delicious!

    1. Yes! They are almost a meal in themselves.

  2. Oh yes, home grown tatties, served dripping with butter. Nothing better. And such an exciting voyage for Mister Fudge!


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